_issue_1_ _17_April_2009_

_the smudges on the shitty scanner make me a little sad_

_issue_3_ _22_April_2009_

_magical echidnas are the mascot animal for ALL piercings_

_issue_4_ _24_April_2009_

_i need an interrobang so I can exclaim 'or is it?!' properly_

_issue_5_ _27_April_2009_

_magical cars are identifiable by Dalek hood ornaments_

_issue_6_ _29_April_2009_

_For Holly. xxx don't let the bastard get you down. the hand duck will SAVE YOU!!!_

_issue_7_ _1_May_2009_

_magical creatures are our friends_

_issue_8_ _4_May_2009_

_now little bunny twitches his nose. now he stomps and runs around. now he looks vacant_

_issue_9_ _6_May_2009_

_lots of people have a TARDIS in their heart. You can tell cos they have a heart so big it doesn't seem possible to fit into their ribcage_

_issue_10_ _9_May_2009_

_my cow is out of proportion_

_issue_11_ _12_May_2009_

_even MORE awesome: deer; tesselated_

_issue_12_ _13_May_2009_

_don't be fooled into thinking that reptiles would be any more effective_

_issue_13_ _15_May_2009_

_this is tilty! and also meta, the meta is for nemo, because i miss you_

_issue_14_ _18_May_2009_

_no, it's not the ability to keep secrets. Well, not JUST that, anyway_

_issue_15_ _20_May_2009_

_how many differences can you spot between these two drawings?_

_underscore_ was a short run webcomic
by my beautiful friend, Lizbeth
the original on archive.org

memories of Elizabeth Caplice (1984-2016)

sky between branches